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    May 2023 Edition

    In May 2023, ELE Times features "ST's Manufacturing strategy-the key to Business Success" & "Next Generation Electric Vehicles- Deserve Next Generation Control Interfaces", as the cover story. It also discusses-"Solar Powered irrigation energises the future with solar power".One of the key features of this edition is-"Mouser offers the widest selection of components to augment product choices for design engineers and purchasing professionals". The other side of the magazine covers-"Semiconductor Accelerating Society's Transition to Greener, Smarter System" and "Unleashing the power of AI on your laptop: Say hello to the intelligent future". Happy Reading!!

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    April 2023 Edition

    In April 2023 ELE Times featured ‘India Impending Economic Boom’ discussing economic potential and consequent development of the electronic market. Silicon Valley pioneer Gordon Moors' account on his demise at the age of 94. A discussion by Kevin Moraes on Classic Moore’s Law Challenges Demand, New Ways to Wire and Integrate Chips. In the simulation side ‘Combining Volumetric Conductor Models and Lumped Elements’ is a good read. EV is a hot subject, so, ‘How to optimize your automotive HVAC design in the growing HEV/EV market’. ST’s article on STM32WBA52 wireless MCUs with SESIP3 security, tailored for IoT devices is a good recipe for design engineers. Testing is a very crucial part of any project therefore, ‘Reduce risk of electromagnetic interference in EV charging infrastructure tests’, is crucial information on EV testing. And more. Happy reading.

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    March 2023 Edition

    In March 2023 ELE Times featured 'The Development of EV Charging – Infrastructure and Technology as the cover story. It also discusses How carmakers and Tier-1 suppliers can secure connected cars and What to expect from 6G: nine takeaways from early global research. It also discusses key 5G Cybersecurity risks and how to overcome them, How EV Developers Get Ahead of the Curve for High-Voltage Battery Management Systems. One of the key features in this edition is How to Design Fieldbus Agnostic Smart Factory Sensors and ultra-fast electronic devices for 6G. On the business, R&D and technology side it covers Automotive World 2023, Tokyo, Japan – giving extensive details of the newest technologies available in the world. Happy Reading!!

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