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    ELE Times_MARCH 2020_Low Res

    "In its March issue, ELE Times has portrayed ‘Microelectronics’ as its cover story. This issue also features a special story on ‘Coronavirus’. Apart from these, the articles on ‘Modernization in wheels’ shows the imperative errand of automotive industry and ‘Autonomous Driving’ mentions the disruptive power of automotive. Also, there has been a changing spectrum of Indian Manufacturing sector in the “Budget 2020” article. Have a great read!"

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    ELE Times-February 2020

    In its February issue, ELE Times unveil the ‘Development of 3rd Generation Wireless In-wheel Motor’ in its cover story. This issue also portrays a special feature on ‘LoRa versus 5G’. Apart from these, the articles on ‘Component Market’ shows the intrinsic unit of industry tooling and ‘Analog Electronics’ fuel up the digital world of electronics. Also, there has been a take on the most promising field of today – ‘Pick and Place Machines’. Have a great read!

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    ELE Times - January 2020

    ELE Times’ New Year issue unveils how India’s electricity sector has made progress in 2019-20. With showcasing the move from hand designed features to learned features in machine learning, in its cover story on ‘Artificial Intelligence’, ELE Times has also focused on ‘Relays’ - Redefining the strength of electronics. Apart from this, the magazine has specially portrayed about the Foundation Era of Mass Connectivity in its ‘5G’ article. ELE Times wishes you a very Happy New Year, have a great read!

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